Elley Li Arts

Elley Li

Exhibition & Art Fair                                                                                               

Jul 15 2017   30th Annual TD Art Gallery Paint-in 2017, Victoria, Canada

Apr 2017       The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Rental & Sales

Jan 2017           ZhangXiong Art Gallery, Xiamen, China,

                          'One Belt and Road, Chinese Masters To The World Exhibition'

Jan 2017          Chinese European Art Center, Xiamen, China, (Solo)

                         Title: Heart Flows With Thoughts, Mind Decides Complexion

Nov 2016          ZhiDeShiDai Gallery, Xiamen, China, Title: Harmony  (Solo)

Feb 2016          The Victoria International Airport Gallery, Title: YinYangBaGua

Oct 2015          The Saanich Municipal Hall Gallery, Title: Nature Talks (Solo)

Jul 2015           Group Art Exhibition at the Bay Center, Title: Nature Reveals

Feb 2015         The Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria, Look Show

May 2013        Dales Gallery(Group Show)                                                                    


Oct 2016-Jan 2017     Chinese European Art Center, Xiamen, China


2015 Saanich Peninsula Arts & Crafts Society                                   Juror's Choice

2014 Hong Kong Choi Hung District Photography Competition         3rd

Artist Talk & Demonstration

Jul 2015       Artist Talk, Victoria Arts Council

Feb 2016     Demonstration, Saanich Peninsula Arts & Crafts Society

Photo Agent




'The Father of Canadian Photojournalism', LuFeng Newspaper, March 2nd 2017

Senior Living Magazine, Cover, September 2014

Senior Living Magazine, July 2014, P. 22, P. 25

<The Island Medical Program - Celebrating The First 10 Years>, Cover(right upper) 2014

'Victoria - City of Colour', Vantage Shanghai Magazine, November 2013  


Diploma in Professional Photography                                                             2013

Western Academy of Photography, Victoria, BC, Canada                                       

Mentoring by Dr. Ted Grant(The Father of Canadian Photojournalism)         2013


<Artists' Journey With Mindfulness> in <Professional Artist>, USA, Feb~Mar 2018

Xiamen Daily, China, 2017

Xiamen HaiXia Weekly, China, 2017

LuFeng Newspaper, China, 2017



Private collection, Victoria, Vancouver and Toronto, Canada

Private collection, Japan, Hong Kong, China and Australia



Artist Statement

By applying abstraction, I try to increase the dynamic for audience by objectifying emotions and investigating the duality that develops through different interpretations.  

I am a self-taught artist and I use my imagination and whatever materials on hand to create arts.  Floor is my painting table for taking advantage to move around the paintings and to pour or spread running inks/colors.   I paint on watercolor paper, rice paper, canvas and use ink, gouache, watercolor, acrylics and marble inks.    Grew up at the seaside, water and mediums are the important tools for me to create colorful flows and streams in my works.    

My paintings do not reference recognizable form. This results are deconstructed to the extent that meaning is shifted and possible interpretation becomes multifaceted. My paintings feature coincidental, accidental and unexpected connections. I believe mind flows with heart and soul come from mind.  I let my heart and hands follow the first drop of ink/color on the paper/canvas to lead me complete the works, then I will create a theme for them according to the works. 

My recent theme is Under the Sea which was inspired by the same title Imax 3D movie I saw many times.  They are on the glasses to increase the dreamy and 3D look and on watercolor paper using my hands as brush to create unique texture.  

I enjoy talking to people and to explore the different cultures. Artist-in-residence in different countries to get inspired and to meet people and the artists is the unexpected bonus as an artist.